Customer Wizard - Monitoring Details (Step 4)

You use this card to enter Codes, Fills, General Monitoring Options, and Passwords, to include a “Duress” Password.

Sections & Fields

  • Group Code – Categorizes businesses that have multiple Branches.
  • Class Code – User-created options for grouping certain Signals or Resolutions together. For example, a central station might want to assign all monitored banking companies to a large Class Code, but a particular Branch of banks to one Group Code.
  • Monitoring Group – Designations to categorize and distribute signals to specific operator groups. At the time of the Manitou installation, it has a default Monitoring Group setting of “0”. But Bold Technologies recommends that all installations create a Monitoring Group of their own, instead of using the default "0" group.
  • Area Fill – Automatically add any Areas not already programmed to the account data.
  • Zone Fill – Automatically add any Zones not already programmed to the account data.
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

The UL section pertains to those accounts that require a UL Grade category selection as well as a Response Time. This section is rarely used.

Important: You must enable and indicate UL compliant Customers in the Manitou Supervisor Workstation. Within the Supervisor Workstation, click Maintenance | Setup | Country. Next, select Country Setup from the Jump To menu, and then select UL Policy Licensed from the Country Options section.

Default Script Messages

You use default Script Messages with fax, email, and/or texting notifications. You click the available field and type the default Script Message — there is no character limit for Script Messages.

When it is necessary to add an element from the listing, click the appropriate item to highlight, then click Add. Repeat this process until the Script Message is complete. For a demo of the text, click Demo for the example text to appear. If you do not use fax, email, or texting, there is no need to add any Script Messages.

Note: You can configure Script Messages globally through the Manitou Supervisor workstation and apply individually.

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