Customer Wizard - Contacts (Step 6)

The Contacts form is for the entry of all the persons and entities that have access to the property. The top portion of the form allows you to copy and paste contacts from a spreadsheet or other tab-delimited data. You will have to know what type of contact you are entering by their number. See the Quick Reference Guide “Default Person Types” for reference, or click the “helping hands” icon in the ManitouNEO for a description. The fields do have to be in a specific order for the data to load properly.

Example 1: TypeNameContact Point

Example 2: TypeNameContact PointContact PointContact Point

The lower portion of the form contains the Related entities including:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Medical
  • Dealer (which will auto-populate if selected at the beginning of the Wizard)
  • Branch
  • Agency

Each of these will either be a drop-down or a look-up depending on the number of each entity in your database. Agencies are always a lookup because there are different types.

When all information is correctly in place, click NEXT. Move on to the Call Lists section.

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