Customer Wizard - Call Lists & User Defined Fields (Step 7)

Call Lists

The Call Lists form allows the entry of any call lists required for the record. Manitou can process alarms and make appropriate contacts without the need for call lists, but if your procedures require the use of call lists, it is possible to create them.

After clicking Add a new dialog opens showing all contacts. 

Give the Call List an ID and a Description for reference then select the persons and entities that should reside on the Call List. 

It is possible to move individuals or individual contact points onto the call list.

Selecting the plus sign next to the person or their contact point on the left or middle sections. 

To rearrange them use the up-down arrows to the right of their name in the contact list you created.

When all people are listed correctly on the Call List, click Done. Repeat as necessary for all Call Lists.

When all information is correctly in place, click NEXT to move to the last section.

User Defined Fields

The final form on the Customer Wizard is the User Defined. 

If there are no User-Defined fields for your system, click FINISH. 

If there are, fill out the fields appropriately, then click FINISH.

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