Customer Wizard - Launch (Step 1)

Creating new customers in Manitou is made easier through the Customer Wizard. Use the articles to step through the basic Wizard pages that introduces the features within each. Your business practices may differ from what is shown here.

Please consult your supervisor or manager for details as to how to enter new customers specifically for your organization.

The only required fields to save a new customer record are the Customer ID, Customer Name, and Customer Address (Country, Language, and Time zone). However, in order for signals to arrive in the customer record, it is important to have a System and a Transmitter.

Launching the Customer Wizard

There are a few ways to launch the Customer Wizard. 

Any of these selections load the Customer Wizard, Initial setup.

  1. Click the shortcut icon. 
  2. Click the hamburger then select File - New - Customer
  3. Click the hamburger then select Maintenance - Add New Customer

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