Customer Wizard - Contact Points (Step 3)

You use this card to enter additional contact information for the Customer such as Contact Type, Phone Number, Extension, Script (defined call communication), Schedule, Email Address, and Web address.

  • At this step in the process of adding a Customer, you can add a General Schedule by clicking New Schedule in the Schedule section. General Schedules define the availability of Keyholders, Programming, Access Control, Call List Availability, Reminder Schedules, and when you can put an account On Test.
  • There are instances where a site or person might want to make their numbers private to operators. When you select the Private check box, asterisks appear throughout the Manitou system in place of the phone number. The actual phone number is stored in the database and the Auto-Dialer can use the number.

Private phone numbers and reports:

When a report fails to publish, the System Log entry created replaces hidden destination addresses with “******”. The address is saved in the database for auditing purposes, but not revealed to the clients.

Private contacts have the potential to be exposed by the following:

  • Contact Points that are synchronized with accounting systems. The Contact Points are still hidden in Manitou but might be visible in the accounting software.
  • The Monitoring Company’s callback number for notifications (Options setting) is linked to a company’s Contact Point. This means that if this number is marked private, you can view it on the Options card in the Manitou Supervisor Workstation.
  • Retransmission Reverse Commands can embed Contact Points in their parameter values. The FEP (Front-End Processor) logs the resulting signals in the System Application Log and in FEP debug files.

For the Phone Numbers, Manitou selects Site by default and formats the telephone number field based on the Country phone number format. 

Type the numbers of the telephone number and the system formats the number appropriately. 

It is also possible to directly tie a General Schedule to individual phone numbers by selecting New Schedule, providing an ID and name, then selecting the days and times the phone number is available. Clicking DONE will return you to the Contact Points.

Next, it is possible to enter site-specific Email Addresses and Web Addresses, if available. When all information is correctly in place, click NEXT.

Move to the Monitoring Details section.

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